“Hank Parker’s Flesh & Blood Outdoors” TV Show Airing Only on Outdoor Channel

The show enters its fifth season on television come June 26, 2017 and airs exclusively on Outdoor Channel. Below is the television schedule and weekly episode descriptions for the weeks of June 26 to September 18.

2017 Schedule:
Tuesdays – 7:30 p.m.
Wednesdays – 9:00 a.m.
Fridays – 1:30 p.m.

All times Eastern Standard Time.

Week of June 26
Big Wyoming Antelope – Billy “Catfish” Parker takes Laura on her first antelope hunt in Wyoming.

Week of July 3
Mountain Mulies – Hank Parker and friend Keith Kelly hunt early season mule deer in velvet in the mountains of Colorado at Powell4a outfitters.

Week of July 10
Low-Country hunts – Billy “Catfish” Parker heads down to Low country South Carolina for a deer hunt and later a turkey hunt with the Outdoor Dream Foundation.

Week of July 17
Hunting at Home – Hank Parker takes several of his grandkids hunting on the family farm and also Billy “Catfish” Parker hunts in his home county.

Week of July 24
Buck Creek – Hank Parker hunts the great state of Illinois at Buck Creek farms with his friend David McKay.

Week of July 31
Texas Road Trip – Hank Parker hunts with the Patriot Warrior foundation at the 888 ranch then heads to Cactus Jack’s ranch for some great South Texas hunting.

Week of Aug. 7
Missouri Redemption – Hank Parker, Billy “Catfish” Parker, and Laura Parker hunt for big bucks in the state of Missouri.

Week of Aug. 14
The W4 Hunt – Billy “Catfish” Parker and Laura hunt big whitetails in the great state of Texas.

Week of Aug. 21
Midwestern Hunts – Hank Parker and Billy “Catfish” Parker hunt two of the greatest big buck states, Iowa and Ohio.

Week of Aug. 28
Late Season in the South – Hank Parker Jr and his son Boone head to Alabama with Billy “Catfish” Parker for a late season deer hunt while Hank Parker gets in one last hunt in Mississippi.

Week of Sept. 4
Old Friends – Billy “Catfish” Parker hunts Kentucky with friend Kable McAlpine and Hank Sr. hunts with his friend Cole Hoskison.

Week of Sept. 11
New Season – The Flesh & Blood crew put together some of their best turkey hunts from the past season.

Week of Sept. 18
Big Wyoming Antelope – Billy “Catfish” Parker takes Laura on her first antelope hunt in Wyoming.