Looking for a place to hunt? The Parkers have had wonderful experiences hunting with the outfitters listed below. Contact them for more information and let them know that we sent you. We’re certain you will have a great hunt.

Buck Creek Farms

“Whitetail hunting with Buck Creek Farms located in Illinois is like a breath of fresh air. David, Courtney, Doug and Sandy are for real the most sincere individuals we have ever met anywhere. They not only have plenty of Whitetail bucks but also hearts full of love for the Lord that they pass on freely to all their clientele. A great Christian experience and an area full of Whitetail bucks, what a combination.” Tim and Shirley Strickland
Visit our website or call 601-506-3397 for more information and to book your hunt today.

Timberland Outfitters

Timberland Outfitters offers 6-day archery hunts from October through mid January, as well as a limited number of firearm hunts in November and mid December. We are located in west central Illinois – considered the heart of America’s trophy whitetail country. Our knowledge of the area and years of experience spell success for our hunters. Go to our website or call Ben Plattner at 1-217-691-2565 today to book the hunt of your dreams.

Giles Island Hunting Club

Steeped in the heritage of the Deep South, Giles Island is the perfect destination for your fair chase trophy whitetail excursion. The island supports a deer population of over 1,000, with a buck-to-doe ratio of one to one. An intense focus on wildlife management contributes to the quality of our trophy bucks on Giles Island. The average buck weighs 200 pounds, with some bucks weighing in at 280 pounds. The average trophy score on Giles Island ranges in the mid 140’s, with several bucks scoring over 170 inches. Contact us at 1-877-944-5374 or visit our website.

Riverbend Whitetails

Hunt trophy whitetails and turkey in Western Kentucky on a block of approximately 6,000 continuous acres. This area, located near Sturgis, Ky., consistently produces excellent whitetails and turkey. Located in the river bottom area directly across the Ohio River from Southen Illinois, the hunting block features dense river bottom, hardwood ridges, food plots, and row crops. Deer season starts in September and runs through mid-January. Hunting is strictly fair chase and is usually done from elevated lock-on and ladder stands, or, occasional, ground blinds. Call us at 1-270-761-DEER (3337) or visit our website for more details.

Blackbird Creek Outfitters

We have 700+ acres of prime hunting ground in Putnam County near the Iowa border in North Central Missouri. This area is known for its rolling hills, timerbered areas, and agriculture. Tags are available over the counter or online for both deer and turkey. I have hunted in Putnam County for over 40 years and have been a Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young measurer for nearly 20 years, measuring deer in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Hunting properties are separate which gives you a chance to hunt different deer and turkeys. I take a limited number of hunters each month so the animals are not pressured. Visit our website or give us a call at 1-660-341-0895 and ask for Joe.

The Parkers also recommend www.Outfittersrating.com as THE place on the Internet to visit when looking for outfitters and guides located around the world.